Android is the most powerful mobile operating system, which provides great opportunities for mobile games development. The platform offers rich user interfaces, rich multimedia support, and high resolution display. The Android ecosystem has a large collection of libraries and tools to help developers create engaging apps. The Android Market is rapidly expanding with an amazing selection of applications. Moreover, Android users can easily install any app through the Android Marketplace. The Android app stores are:

Many of the top Android mobile games currently available on the Android marketplace are hybrid games that mix elements from different platforms such as SMS, email, social networking, and instant messaging. However, there are certain exceptions. These upcoming Android mobile games will primarily rely on Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to give the users a rich and real-life experience by leveraging the state-of-the-art technology that mobile game developers have at their fingertips today.

Some of the most popular free play games on the android mobile games marketplace include Pocket Camp, one of the best-selling apps of all times on Google Play, and Draw Something, which are a popular learning and preschool application that are used in homes across the world. The Draw Something example above is in fact a hybrid application that utilizes the already established Facebook functionality to allow children to draw things like houses, cars, and much more right on the fly. In this instance, children were not given a camera to draw with, but they were given the opportunity to simply use their fingers to draw whatever they desired. In this case, it was an effective way to learn how to draw.

Other popular examples of popular and unique free android mobile games include Cityville: Island of Agents and Draw Something. Both games offer a unique gameplay experience and a lot of strategy and thinking skills to engage players. In Cityville: Island of Agents, players take on the roll of a single character who must complete challenges before moving on to the next one. Players can purchase vehicles, buy upgrades for their homes, and even buy more houses to unlock more levels and gain more points. The more points you have collected, the easier it becomes to win the game, but the game is not without its challenges, as winning takes a lot of strategic thinking ahead.

Draw Something, on the other hand, gives kids an option to doodle using the pen, or with the pencil and mouse, or with their finger. It takes a little bit of training to learn how to tap the screen to draw anything, but as children get better at using their fingers, they will also get better at playing the game. Drawing pictures with this particular free android mobile application is simple, and drawing can be done almost everywhere on the device. You don’t need to be walking down the street to enjoy a bit of artwork. This application is not only fun, but it helps children practice hand-eye coordination as well.

Another upcoming android games that is proving to be popular among android users are the ones that are similar to board games. Such as Diner Dash and Farm Town, these are casual yet addicting games that will surely fit into anyone’s day. Players can choose from several different game packs as they begin to play, and players can also compete against each other in head-to-head competitions. Moreover, since these apps were made specifically for the low-cost mobile phone, they are accessible to a wider variety of cell phone users, and they also have additional features that make them stand out among the crowd.

Video games with live wallpaper are another exciting way to enjoy entertainment while playing your favorite mobile games. This free application is called Meez, and it allows you to see what your character looks like in the environment where you are playing the game. You can change clothing, hair, and skin as you experience different moods. This app also comes with several different backgrounds, allowing you to switch between your moods easily. This unique feature is one of the reasons that makes MobaVR, one of the most downloaded mobile’s applications on Google Play.

The next few months will reveal a number of new and exciting Android games that we will be able to enjoy. We can expect at least one major game that will be releasing in the next few months, and we can also look forward to more free mobiles applications that will support both the HTC Evo and the Nokia Storm. Stay tuned!