Spooky Hallowe´en Picture

This is what we will be making

Haunted house on hiltop beneath full moon

It´s basically a template for your own "Hauntingly bootiful" Hallowe´en masterpiece.

To do this tutorial you will need Paint Shop Pro and this zip file. Unzip it then click on the dingbat font, to open it. Click the minus (-) key to minimize it. This will make it available to use in PSP without having to install it.

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(This tutorial is for intermediate to advanced PSP users and as such, it will not contain detailed instructions for every phase.)

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Note:The Helloween font is quite large as fonts go. (131kb) Because of this, you may experience sluggishness when using the text tool. Be sure to save often because that font is a real RAM hog and you don´t want to lose all your hard work.

Let´s begin!

1. Create a new image, 400x400, transparent background. Set your foreground color to black and your background color to a medium grey #C0C0C0. Change your foreground styles to gradient (gradient #1, Foreground-Background), and use these settings:

Gradient settings

Flood fill the image with the gradient. Name the layer Gradient.

2. Add another layer. Name the layer Moon. Change your foreground color to #C0C000 and your background color to #C0C0C0. Change your foreground styles to gradient using the same settings you used in Step #1. Floodfill the layer with the gradient, then go to Effects>Geometric Effects and click on "Circle". Go to Image>Resize and resize to 40%. Be sure that the "Resize all layers" box is UNCHECKED.

Note: Special thanks to AmethystLady for this method of making the Moon. My original method only seemed to work well for me, LOL.

3. Go to Effects>Blur>Average and set the Filter Aperture to 11. Then go to your Layer Palette and change the Layer Mode from Normal to Dodge.

Layer Palette

4. Add a new layer and name it "House". Switch your foreground and back ground colors, then set your foreground to Null. Click on your text tool . Select the Helloween font and type in Capitol letter "P", size 250, floating checked, antialias checked. Deselect and move your house over to the side of the image, about a third of the way from the bottom. Then erase the Moon outline. Save your image.

haunted house with moon

5. Reactivate the Moon layer, then add a new layer and name it "Hill". Switch your foreground to black and your background to Null. Select your draw tool: Freehand line, width 2, Solid line, curve tracking (see the screenshot) 1.

PSP draw tool

Draw a horizon line, beginning about 1/4 of the way up from the bottom on the left and continuing up the hill on the right. Be sure your line extends all the way from edge to edge, or you will not be able to complete step 5. This is what you should have:

haunted house with horizon line drawn in

6. With your Magic Wand, click in the area below the horizon line. Go to Selections>Modify>expand, 4 pixels. Flood fill the area with the small wood chips pattern with these settings:

fill pattern-wood chips

Save your image.

7. Go to Effects>Blur>Motion Blur, Direction:Angle=90 Intensity:18 pixels.

8. Go to Colors>Adjust>Hue/Saturation/Lightness. Colorize box is checked, Hue=0, Saturation=0, Lightness=minus 53 (-53). Deselect. Activate your House layer and drag it above the Hill Layer.

Save your image.

This is your basic Spooky picture. At this point you can add anything you want to make it your own. Add some of the Jasc Halloween tubes, or you can add the ghost from my ghost tutorial.The Helloween font contains several neat characters you can use. Here´s a little chart:

Capitol Letters

A=bat, G=cat, I=witch on broom
N=ghost, P=spookyhouse
X=pumpkin & jack-o-lantern


1=witch flying with stars
2=witch flying across moon

There are other characters you may want to experiment with, but these are my favorites. :)))

Whatever you decide to add, just have fun and have a Spookalicious Hallowe´en! (he he he he he)

Home Sweet Home!

spooky house, witch ghosts and bats. Happy Hallowe´en!

Thank You to my two tutorial testers, AmethystLady and Mary Anne. Another rush testing job, completed with time to spare!

Thank you so much!


Amethyst Lady´s Pic

Blank space

MaryAnne´s Pic

Haunted house on a hill.Blank spaceGhosts and pumpkins and Witches, oh my.

This tutorial is my own creation, any similarity to any other tutorial on the Internet is unintentional. It is copyrighted by me, Nightshadow, on October 23, 2002, and is not to be copied or reproduced in any way under penalty of law. Graphics lists, please e-mail me for permission to post my tutorials, especially because I would love to see the results :O)

NOTE: Any image you make using this tutorial is completely your own property.

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