Floral Wreath

This is what we will be making

Wreath of leaves with Spring flowers

I wrote this tutorial is for those of you who did my Hand Painted Plant Tutorial. It provides another use for the leaves that you made. I thought you deserved a small reward for all that effort. Enjoy!

The only thing you need to complete the wreath is Paint Shop Pro, get it here: www.jasc.com

Note: I´m only going to show you how to make the basic wreath. I´ll leave the decorations totally up to you with one exception. If you would like to use my Raffia bow, you can download it here: Raffia Bow

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(This tutorial is for intermediate to advanced PSP users and as such, it will not contain detailed instructions for every phase.)

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Let´s begin!

1. First, set your background color to black and your foreground color to white, styles set to solid, then open up a new image, 350x350 with a transparent background. Select your Preset shapes tool with these settings:

PSP pre-set shapes

Beginning with your cursor at coordinates 1/1, draw your circle to about 300/300.

2. Add another layer. Beginning with your cursor at coordinates 1/1, draw another circle to 245/245. Use your mover tool to center it over the larger circle. Go to Layers>Merge>Merge Visible. Using your Magic Wand, click on the center of the smaller circle. Go to Selections>Modify>Expand and expand 1 pixel. Hit your delete key. Deselect. (Save your work) This is what you should have, it´s the pattern for your wreath:

Double Circle Shape

3. Open up the resized leaf you used to make your plant and copy and paste it as a new layer enough times to fill HALF of your wreath pattern. Move the leaves down the center of the circle and along the edges.

Double Circle with some leaves

You´ll probably want to rotate some of the leaves so that they fit the curve of your circle.

4. When you´ve finished filling half the wreath, use your mover tool PSP mover tool to activate some of the leaves and add a drop shadow with these settings:


Note: Just add the drop shadow to the leaves in the center of the circle. If you add shadows to the inner or outer leaves, it will cause a problem when you add a background later on. See the image below:

Double Circle with more leaves

5. Delete the wreath pattern layer, merge visible. Save Your work!

6. Using your Selection tool set on Rectangle, select the half of your wreath which has the leaves on it, copy and paste as a new layer. Deselect. Go to Image>Mirror. Use your Mover tool to line up the 2 wreath halves so they form a circle again. This is what you should have:

Wreath of leaves

Your wreath is finished! Now add whatever decorations you want to make it your very own. I used irises and daffodils, but roses would be pretty or lilies, perhaps even seashells! When you´re finished decorating your wreath, add a background layer and maybe a pretty frame, or you may want to hang it on the door of a cyber house. Just be sure to have fun with it.

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This tutorial is my own creation, any similarity to any other tutorial on the Internet is unintentional. It is copyrighted by me, Nightshadow, on April 10, 2002, and is not to be copied or reproduced in any way under penalty of law. Graphics lists, please e-mail me for permission to post my tutorials, especially because I would love to see the results :O)

NOTE: Any image you make using this tutorial is completely your own property.

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