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PSP V - 7.04

Note: If you have the downloaded version of PSP 7, rather than the boxed version, you are missing many shapes, tubes, patterns and other goodies. The Corel Corporation bought the Jasc product line and the old "extras" for the downloaded software are no longer available. :(

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http://www.nightshadowfx.com/glass/mosaicframe.shtml invisible spacer

Glass Mosaic Frame

invisible spacer http://www.nightshadowfx.com/heart1/heartjello.shtml invisible spacer

Jello Heart

http://www.nightshadowfx.com/doublehearts/hearts.shtml invisible spacer

Double Heart Frame

invisible spacer http://www.nightshadowfx.com/shamrock/solarsham.shtml invisible spacer

Solar Shamrock

http://www.nightshadowfx.com/plant/leaves.shtml invisible spacer

Pretty Painted Plant

invisible spacer http://www.nightshadowfx.com/wreath/floral.shtml invisible spacer

Floral Wreath - or:
" Now that I've made them, what else can I do with the leaves I made for that plant?"

http://www.nightshadowfx.com/dragon/dragonfly.shtml invisible spacer

Dragon Fly Jewels

invisible spacer http://www.nightshadowfx.com/rustic/frame.shtml invisible spacer

Rustic Wooden Frame

http://www.nightshadowfx.com/bronze/brzframe.shtml invisible spacer

Bronze Beaded Frame

invisible spacer http://www.nightshadowfx.com/ornament/knitcrosheen.shtml invisible spacer

KnitCroSheen® Ornament

http://www.nightshadowfx.com/ornament/moravianstar.shtml invisible spacer

Moravian Star

invisible spacer http://www.nightshadowfx.com/ornament/moravianstartwo.shtml invisible spacer

Moravian Star 2

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http://www.nightshadowfx.com/heart2/puffyheart.shtml invisible spacer

Puffed Heart Frame

invisible spacer http://www.nightshadowfx.com/paint/impression.shtml invisible spacer

Quick Impressionist Painting

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http://www.nightshadowfx.com/ghost/ghost.shtml invisible spacer

Halloween Ghost

invisible spacer http://www.nightshadowfx.com/ghost/spooky.shtml invisible spacer

Spooky Scene


These are all the tutorials I've written for PSP Version 7. Many of the tutorials for PSP Version 8 can also be done in Version 7. You can check those out HERE

I love using Paint Shop Pro and IMHO it's the most versatile program of it's kind that's currently available. The price is very reasonable and the program even includes the ability to use and manipulate vectors (although for some, this is not a plus, LOL.)

Do a wonderful thing for yourself and check out this great program. You can get a free 30 day demo. Just click on the JASC icon.


**I'm very pleased to announce that some of my tutorials have been translated into Dutch.

Flag of the Netherlands  I've gone international. :O)

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These tutorials are my own creation, any similarity to any other tutorials on the Internet is unintentional. They are copyrighted by me, *~Nightshadow~* and are not to be copied or reproduced in any manner under penalty of law. Graphics lists, please e-mail me for permission to post my tutorials.

My tutorials are listed at:


http://www.psplinks.com/ http://www.pluspsp.com/p/links

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