Helpful (I hope) Hints for PSP 8

IMPORTANT! If you find that you're missing a lot of shapes, textures, masks and other items, it's probably because you bought the download version of PSP8 rather that the CD. JASC did not include all of the items which come with PSP8 in order to keep the download small (well, relatively small....). You will need to download Resource Pack 3 which you can get here:

1. If you find that you can't get the color/materials box to change, make sure the little "null" icon isn't active. In other words, if you want to use the box, the null icon must be grayed out.

null_notnull.jpg (11K)

2. To crop with the crop tool: After you move the bounding box to the size you want it to be, click the box with the "check" mark on it in the tool options. (a little popup message should come up which says "apply".) The old Shift+R method won't work on this tool any more, although the method still applies to the selection tool.

crop.gif (4K)

3. When cropping an image for the Web, whether you use the crop tool or the selection tool, be sure that your background color is the same as the color of your web page, because when you crop, your background color leaves a line around the image. To illustrate this, I deliberately (yeah, sure I did....VBG) left the background color in PSP White, when I cropped the screen shot for hint #4.

Note: this is also true in PSP7.

Alternate method: Make sure that your selection tool is NOT set to Antialias, and that Feather is set to "0". (I never do it this way 'cause then I forget to reset the Antialias.....)

4. If you want to share images in PSP format with someone who doesn't have PSP8, be sure to check the Options box in the Save As dialogue, and click the appropriate version of PSP. You must also type in the extension as ".psp".

saveas.gif (9K)
Notice the white border? See hint #3.

5. To set up your tool bars so you can put them whereever you want to and at whatever size you want them to be:

You should now be able to move things like the Layers Palette and Tool Options anywhere in the workspace without having them "grab" onto the edges and get too large.

undock.gif (7K)

6. Looking for the settings to set the Grid and Guide colors and properties in the General Preferences? It is now located under VIEW>Change Grid, Guide and Snap Properties.

Note: You must have an image open in order to access this item.

Note 2: If you keep your image rulers visible when you work, you can also access the preferences for the Grid and Guides by double clicking on the rulers. - courtesy of Bernd Klenk

7. "When using the background eraser click off Auto Tolerance, and move the Tolerance level up - I use 70 and it gets rid of all the little stray pixels." - courtesy of Nina Brown

8. In order for PSP8 to find new items, everything you add must go into a special place. This is because PSP8 is set up to use your "My PSP8 Files" folder as the Default "Save To" location. So, whenever you have a new item to add, a shape, a tube, a gradient, etc., open up your "My Documents" folder located on your Desktop (unless you moved it, LOL).

Now find the "My PSP8 Files" folder. (This was created when you installed PSP8.) Open up the folder and place your new item into it's respective folder, i.e., Shapes go into Preset Shapes, Tubes into Picture Tubes, and so on. Now, the next time you open up PSP8, your new item will be available to you.

9. Have some picture tubes from PSP5 and/or PSP6? PSP5 and PSP6 Picture Tubes need to be converted to work properly in Paint Shop Pro 8. PSP7 Tubes may simply be moved to your PSP8 Picture Tubes directory and they will work properly. No conversion is necessary.

JASC has made a picture tube converter available. You can download it here.

10. Don't know how to set up your file associations? Check out this terrific tutorial from Joy. As a bonus, she also shows you how to get rid of that awful pspimage extension......

NOTE: The page takes a while to load if you're on dial-up, but the wait is worth it.

11. Want to learn how to compress your JPEG images? I've written a mini-tut here.

Blue divider with butterfly

I hope you've found these hints useful.

More hints coming soon.......

This list of hints is copyrighted by me, *~Nightshadow~*, on April 17, 2003, and is not to be copied or reproduced in any way under penalty of law. Graphics lists, please e-mail me for permission to post my tutorials, especially because I would love to see the results :O)

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