Make a Line Drawing

This is what we will be making

Flower line drawing

NOTE: Since PSP8 is so new, I've decided that for the first few tutorials I'll be using a lot more screen shots than I usually do so everyone can get used to the new icons and interface. I hope you find this helpful.

In order to do this tutorial. you will need a steady hand, patience, and Paint Shop Pro, get it here:

If you have ever traced anything using tracing paper, you'll love this method of outlining an image.

You will also need an image to draw an outline of. You may use this photograph I took of a lavender flower. Click on the thumbnail to download the full sized image, then right-click to save to your hard drive.

Lavender flower

I'm providing this photograph for your use on this tutorial, or any other tutorial you may wish to use it for. I own the copyright. Please respect this and do not offer it for downloading anywhere.

Butterfly divider

Let's begin! (Don't forget to SAVE as you go along.)

NOTE: To do this tutorial easily, you need to have your General Preferences set to "Use precise cursors", and "Show brush outlines". If you don't know how to do this, go here.

1. Open your image, duplicate it, and close the original.

2. Go to your layer palette, right click on the Background layer, choose New Raster Layer.

New Raster Layer

Name your layer "Outline".

Outline layer named

3. Set the background of your material palette to Null.

Set Null

Set the foreground color of your material palette to a color which will be easy to see. I chose black. Grab your Pen Tool. pentool

Use these settings:

Pen tool options 2

And these settings:

Pen tool options 1

NOTE: Curve tracking deals with the size of the curve. The smaller the curve you need to draw, the lower you want to set the numbers in order to obtain a smooth curve. I'll show you an example later on in the tutorial. If, as you work, you find that your curves start to look more like angles, set your curve tracking to a lower number.

4. Left click on an outer edge of the flower. Zoom in if necessary.

Zoom in

You will see an arrow shape.

Drawing arrow

Drag the arrow around the flower to outline it. If you need to stop at any point, when you begin again, be sure to start with the center dot of your cursor on a section of a line, so there are no gaps in your outlined image. (Yes I know, that dot is very hard to see. Don't blame me, I just write tutorials, LOL.) For this part, just outline the petals. We'll do the center flower section in the next step.

Are you finished outlining? Good, let's do the middle of the flower.

5. Reset the curve tracking for the pen tool to "5". Remember what I said before? The smaller the curve, the lower you want to set your numbers. If we leave the curve tracking at "15", the center flower outline will end up looking something like this:

tracking at 15

After setting the curve tracking to "5" and drawing around the flower center, I ended up with this:

Tracking at 5

6. Now, set your zoom to Normal (Ctrl+Alt+N), turn off the background layer, and look at your outline. If you're happy with what you see, you're done. If not, go back and add more lines, or erase some of them and redraw them.

Save your final image in psp or (pspimage) format. You can use it for stained glass, or painting, anything you want. No more hunting the internet for line drawings, because now, you can make your own.

This is the line drawing my tester Nina made. I think the student has surpassed the teacher, VBG.

Outline of tiger lily

Blue divider with butterfly

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

This tutorial is my own creation, any similarity to any other tutorial on the Internet is unintentional. It is copyrighted by me, *~Nightshadow~*, on May 12, 2003, and is not to be copied or reproduced in any way under penalty of law. Graphics lists, please e-mail me for permission to post my tutorials, especially because I would love to see the results :O)

NOTE: Any image you make using this tutorial is completely your own property.

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