Knit-Cro-Sheen® Ornament

This is what we will be making

Black and Gold Crocheted Ball

I got this idea after doing a tutorial for a Gold Mesh Frame from Moon´s Designs.

You will need the following items:

Paint Shop Pro, get it here:
The Art Texture Plug-in From U-Lead. Get it here:

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(This tutorial is for intermediate to advanced PSP users and as such, it will not contain detailed instructions for every phase.)

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Let´s begin!


1. Open up a new image, 350x350 with a transparent background. Add a new layer, and name it bottom. Grab your selection tool, set on circle, feather 0 and starting at coordinates 175,175 (look at the bottom left of your work space for the coordinates) drag your mouse diagonally to the lower right until you are about 1/4 inch from the edges. Flood fill the selection with a light yellow color.

2. Go to Effects>Texture Effects>Weave and use these settings:

Gap size=6
Weave Color=Black
Gap Color=Black
Fill Gaps is Checked

3. Deselect. Choose your Magic Wand, tolerance 20, feather 0 and touch one of the yellow lines. Go to Effects>Plugin-Filters>Ulead effects>Art Texture. Click on the Edit button and choose Palette #8, then choose the options below.

U-Lead Art Texture settings

Invert your selection, then hit your delete key.

4. Invert your selection again, then go to Effects>3DEffects>Chisel. Set the size to "1" and check Transparent.

5. Go to Effects>3DEffects>Drop Shadow and use these settings:


Deselect. Duplicate the ornament layer and rename it Top.

6. Duplicate the top layer once more, then go to Effects>Geometric Effects>Circle. Then go to Effects>Sharpen>Sharpen. Change your Layer Blend Mode to "Dodge".

Layer Blend Modes


Turn off your base layer, and go to Layers>Merge Visible.


7. Go to Image>Resize and resize your merged layers to 90%. BE SURE that "Resize all layers" is UNCHECKED! Create a new layer and name it "Top". Get your selection tool again, still set on Circle, and draw a small circle on top of your ornament. Flood fill it with the light yellow. Go to Selections>Modify>Contract, 5 pixels. Hit your delete key. Deselect.

8. Select all, hit the small ring with your Magic Wand, then repeat the art texture setting you used in Step #3. Deselect. This is what you should have:

Hanger ring

9. Create a new layer and name it hanger. Select your draw tool with these settings:

Draw Tool settingsMore Draw Tool settings

Note: Be sure your background is set to "Null"

Draw a long-necked "S" shape. (See the screen shot in the next step.) You might need to zoom in to do this.

10. Select your eraser tool and erase the part of the hanger that should be behind the ring:

Erase this area

Using your Magic Wand, click on the hanger, then repeat the Art Texture setting from Step #3, except use Palette #5 this time.

11. Go to Effects>3D Effects> Inner Bevel and use these settings:

Inner Bevel Settings

Go to Layers>Merge Visible.


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