While going through the coupons in Sunday's paper, I came across one of those mail order ads for a silvery heart-shaped frame with smaller red hearts all over it. One look and I knew it would be the perfect thing to duplicate in Paint Shop Pro. So, without further ado......here is my version of the....

Puffed Heart Frame

Puffy Heart Frame

You will need the following items:

1. Paint Shop Pro, get it here: www.jasc.com

2. Eye Candy 3 (It's now free!) which can be downloaded here:

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Note: This tutorial is for intermediate to advanced PSP users and as such, it may not contain detailed instructions for every phase.

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Let' begin!

Puffy Heart Frame Base

1. Create a new image, 350px by 350px, Resolution 72ppi, transparent background. Add a new layer and name it "Heart". Set your foreground and background colors to White. Click on your pre-set shapes tool and scroll down the shapes until you find "heart 1". Set your tool options to: Line width=2, Antialias=checked, Create as Vector=unchecked.

2. Begin with your cursor in the upper left corner at coordinates 30,30 (watch the numbers in the lower left corner of your workspace) and drag it across and down, ending at about 345, 300.

3. Go to Selections, Select all, then click in the center of your heart with the magic wand. (This floats the selection.) Save your image as Puffed Heart, then copy it, and paste it as a new image. Save the second image as Heart Decor. Minimize Heart Decor for the time being while we finish the frame.

4. Go to Effects>3D effects>Cutout and use these settings:

Fill interior with color=unchecked

This is what you should have:

3D grey heart

5. Go to Effects>Noise>Add Noise. Click Uniform and set the noise at 4 percent.


6. Go to Effects>Plug in Filters and locate Eye Candy 3.1. Choose Glass and use these settings:

Eye Candy Settings


7. Add a new layer and name it "Center". Change your foreground and background colors to Black. Click in the upper left area of the base heart and drag the heart shape across and down until you've created a center area for a picture (You may need to make a few adjustments with the deformation tool). This is what mine looked like at this point:

3D heart with black heart center

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This tutorial is my own creation, any similarity to any other tutorial on the Internet is unintentional. It is copyrighted by me, Nightshadow, on January 24, 2003, and is not to be copied or reproduced in any way under penalty of law. Graphics lists, please e-mail me for permission to post my tutorials, especially because I would love to see the results :O)

NOTE: Any image you make using this tutorial is completely your own property.

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