PSP8 Balls and Bubbles

Balls and Bubbles is one of several brand new effects that come with PSP8. There is a lot of potential and loads of fun here. The purpose of this tutorial is to familiarize you with some of the settings, so you will feel comfortable enough to play with them on your own. I hope when we're finished you'll be inspired to find all kinds of new things to use this terrific effect for.


I was thrilled to learn that this tutorial took second place in the Power Tools category for the Camp Ratty PSP 8 contest. Thank you Porter, Filter Munkey, Jasc, and everyone else associated with this. It was great fun!

Click the banner to visit Camp Ratty. You'll find a wealth of PSP info there and lots of images to practice with.

...and now, back to our regularly scheduled program......

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1. Start by creating a new image 350px by 350px (or whatever size you're comfortable working with), transparent background.

new image

Go to Effects>Artistic Effects>Balls and Bubbles.

The Balls and Bubbles effect comes with many presets. These can be used as is, or customized by altering the various settings on one or more of the four tabs. Let's play with one.

Note: You may follow along and use the same settings I do to recreate my preset, or you can play with different effects to get your own unique preset. It's your choice.

2. Go up to Presets, click the arrow, and select the Christmas Ornament preset from the drop down list.

Xmas preset

This is what you should see in your Preview window:

Xmas ornament preview

Pretty cool huh?

But wait! There's more! [I've been watching wayyy too many infomercials. :))))]

We're going to edit this, then create and save our own, unique preset.

Note: The ability to edit and save unique presets is now available for almost every effect in PSP8. Hooray!!!!

3. First, let's change the color. Click on the Illumination tab. Scroll down the list of lights, to light 4, then click in the color box. This will bring up the color chooser. Type color #FF0000 into the HTML box.


color #FF0000

This is what you should see in your Preview window now:

Green ball with red spot

Note: To see the effect applied to the image on your workspace, click the Auto proof
and Proof imageProof icons.)

Not too great looking, but we're just starting (so don't click O.K. yet).

4. Staying on the illumination tab, scroll down the list of lights again, to light 3, then click in the color box and type in color #B60000, a rich, Christmas red.

Green ball with 2 red spots

5. Scroll down the list of lights to light 2, click in the color box and type in color #B60000 again.

6. Now scroll down the list of lights to light 1, click in the color box and type in color #80000.

This is what I have so far.

green and red ball

Still too much green. Let's fix that.

7. Click on the Surface tab, then click in the Material box.

Materials picker

You can choose a color, pattern, or gradient by clicking on one of the tabs.


I chose a pattern which came with PSP8, called "Colorful Lens" (I did a lot of playing around first, LOL). I changed the "Angle" to 45 and the "Scale" to 29.

Colorful lens

Note: If you click on on the button "Edit paths..." you can add other folders which contain patterns to your choices. I will be writing another tutorial on this soon.

Note2: Although I don't use one for this demonstration image, if you want to, you can add a texture right along with your color, pattern or gradient.

Add a texture

To continue, after changing the settings on the Surface tab, this is what my ball looks like. Pretty nice, but I'm still not done......and neither are you, LOL.

Multicolored ball

8. On the Maps Tab, check the Bump map box, and make sure the "Fit bump map" box is checked.

Maps tab

Set the smoothness at 33 and the depth at 47.

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This tutorial is my own creation, any similarity to any other tutorial on the Internet is unintentional. It is copyrighted by me, *~Nightshadow~*, on May 14, 2003, and is not to be copied or reproduced in any way under penalty of law. Graphics lists, please e-mail me for permission to post my tutorials, especially because I would love to see the results :O)

NOTE: Any image you make using this tutorial is completely your own property.

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